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Outsourced Ad Serving

Outsourced ad serving for Advertisers and Agencies

Through our ad serving division,, BannerSpace offers online marketers and interactive agencies cutting-edge ad serving, tracking, and reporting technology, Full support of all rich media formats is available, with professional ad trafficking and creative support personnel (that actually respond to your requests and solve your problems). is a full service ASP (Application Service Provider), staffed not only by technical personnel, but creative and marketing experts that understand your needs. Take campaign optimization to a whole new level with extensive post-click tracking and performance analysis. Stop paying for non-genuine traffic and relying on erroneous information reported by some publishers. Apply special targeting to your campaigns, even if the publisher does not offer it *, such as geo-targeting, frequency capping, ISP/Browser/OS targeting, and day-parting (time-of-day targeting). offers keyword advertising management and optimization tools to search advertisers, incuding ClickHawk PPC click fraud prevention software.

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* Some special targeting options require the publisher to provide a "default" advertisement to be served when the ad server determines it should not serve your campaign.

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