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AreaPoint is a patent-pending innovation being developed by, Inc.  that enables advertisers and agencies to reach an audience in a specific geographic region, much as they would with certain offline media, such as radio or cable television. Never before has it been possible to target such a narrow geographic area across multiple sites and ad placements.

AreaPoint™ Publisher FAQ

How does AreaPoint benefit online publishers?
Increased CPM for non-targeted, or keyword targeted inventory. AreaPoint will increase the CPM value of the ROS ad space on your site. Non-targeted inventory is converted to geo-targeted and immediately becomes attractive to the vast number of advertisers that avoid ROS placements because they need to restrict their campaign to local regions.

Higher fill rates. All AreaPoint ad tags implemented on your site will be eligible to draw from the AreaPoint™ and AreaDirect™ pools of both large and small geotargeted advertiser campaigns. In addition to raising your average CPM, you will increase your overall fill rate with no additional selling on your part.

What CPM rates should I expect from AreaPoint ads?
All AreaPoint sales are on CPM (cost per thousand impressions) terms. At any given time, there will advertisers running at a wide range of CPM rates. The rates are determined by many factors, including the volume purchased and various targeting options selected. Although final pricing is always subject to change, initial rates will vary between $2 to $5 CPM NET to the publisher for ROS. Publisher will be given the option to define a CPM "floor", and redirect traffic to another source when an ad is not available above this minimum rate.

How much can I expect to be sold through AreaPoint?
This depends on several factors, many of which are determined by you. Others are related to advertiser criteria, and will vary regularly. Publishers control how much inventory they direct through the system, the minimum acceptable CPM, and in some cases, the geographic scope to be included. All of these choices have a significant impact on the volume of sales through AreaPoint. The system is designed, however, to stand between any higher paying campaigns and lower paying (remnant) sources, thus not decreasing current sales in any way, but filling the inventory you want filled, at a good rate, when a geo-targeted match is found. If no match is found, the system will redirect to any source you choose. Please contact for more information.

What do I need to qualify for AreaPoint?
The requirements for participation as an AreaPoint media partner will be constantly evolving. In addition to meeting standard traffic and quality minimums, initial partners must meet at least one of the following criteria:
  • A form (anywhere on the site) that contains at least one of the following fields: state, county, city, area code, or zip code. Form can be for any purpose, such as search, registration, etc.. Examples include telephone directory sites, weather sites, TV and movie listing sites, online maps, ticket and event listings, and any other site with a search form containing one of the required fields.

  • Site requires users to subscribe, or otherwise register a user profile. This includes ISPs, web based email providers, shopping sites, brokerage sites, and any other site that maintains a user profile.

  • Locally targeted content. This would include local radio and television station web sites, newspaper sites, area information sites, state and local government sites, and any other site who's visitors are primarily based in a specific region.

Does it cost anything to set up or use AreaPoint?
No. There are no direct costs for using AreaPoint, although the initial set up will require some amount of one-time technical work on the publisher's site pages.

Do I have to run all of my ad traffic through AreaPoint?
No. AreaPoint is non-exclusive and you may use it with as much, or as little, of your inventory as you wish. However, the AreaPoint publisher agreement does require that a minimum and maximum traffic level be established. The higher the maximum, the higher the required minimum. These settings may be changed monthly with 30 days notice.

If your ad serving system can geo-target, you have the option of sending all traffic through AreaPoint, or only the traffic that you know ahead of time will be likely to result in returning a paid ad. If you select not to use your geotargeting, all requests sent to AreaPoint that do not match a campaign will redirect to another advertisement source that you specify. If you choose to incorporate your own geo-targeting, you can download lists of locations with campaigns running at any time to apply to your system.

What is involved in implementing AreaPoint on my site?
In order to implement AreaPoint on your site, you must be able to dynamically insert one or more user defined geographic fields into your ad tag somewhere on you site. If your visitors log in, placing the tag on the resulting login page would be ideal. If users submit a form anywhere on your site, such as a search, that contains a zip code, state, or city, this would also work. If it is not feasible to place a tag on the results page of any form, another approach is to cookie the visitor with an anonymous geographic name/value pair, and we will provide ad tags that use this data and do not require any dynamic insertion at all.

Does AreaPoint only work on form results pages?
No. Once you have established the tag on at least one form results page, or implemented the alternative cookie method, you may place AreaPoint tags anywhere on your site. In many cases geotargeted ads can be served to visitors on regular non-form pages. However, it is best to place the dynamic tag version on as many form results pages as possible.

How is AreaPoint better than my own in-house geotargeting?
AreaPoint works with your existing system and brings you campaigns you would not otherwise have. Advertisers buy large and small campaigns through AreaPoint to increase saturation in a desired region without making many single-site buys. An advertiser may not find it efficient to contract with many publishers, each with a small amount of traffic in target area, and single advertisers alone may not meet your minimum spend because of the geographic restrictions.

With AreaPoint, you leverage the inventory of the other media partners using the system and automate the filling of your geotargeted inventory.

You will also create additional geotargeted inventory that did not previously exist. As a central point for identifying a user's geographic location, AreaPoint can sell a spot on your site as geo-targeted, even if the user's location was identified on another partner site and not yours.

Please contact for more information on BannerSpace geo-targeted advertising.

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