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Why outsource?
You have created a popular, high traffic web site. You realize that, whether or not your model is based on advertising revenue, you're sitting on potential income, but you are not interested in devoting a large amount of time to selling or managing advertising space.

More and more web publishers and content providers are turning to outsourcing their ad sales operations in order to save significant time, expense, and aggravations of ongoing, in-house ad sales.

Benefits of outsourcing ad sales and serving.

No Selling.
You can now focus your efforts on your core business operations and turn over ad sales to experienced professionals, with extensive industry contacts. Our staff will work to build your site's brand name, prepare and make advertising sales presentations, and continually strive to achieve the maximum possible return on your ad inventory.

Reduced costs.
Not only is there no sales staff salary to pay, but now there is no need to purchase expensive ad serving software and equipment, or buy the additional bandwidth associated with the serving of the ads.

No insertion or ad placement.
There is no need for the site operator to devote resources to the inserting, placement, and rotating of advertisement materials, as these tasks are handled remotely by BannerSpace staff through our dynamic ad serving infrastructure.

Leverage inventory of other sites.
By aggregating your site's inventory with that of many other sites within your category, the bulk appeal of the combined, targeted package can be much more attractive to an advertiser than any single site, which can result in higher CPMs.

No billing or collecting.
Accounting time and costs associated with high volume ad campaigns can be extensive. Through handling this work on a large scale, for hundreds of sites each month, BannerSpace has developed a highly efficient client billing system that completely removes the end publisher from the process. A monthly remittance is submitted to the web site operator for all net earnings, along with a detailed statement of activity.

BannerSpace Advantage
The BannerSpace exclusive publisher/agent relationship offers several key advantages to web site operators. We specialize in developing highly targeted, value-added solutions that both maximize return for the web publisher, and generate superior results for the online advertiser.

It is our belief that effective targeting and placement is the key to a win-win-win scenario for the publisher, advertiser, and end consumer. For more information on BannerSpace ad sales representation, please .

NOTE: In order to qualify for site representation services, your site must have high traffic and meet certain content requirements in addition to meeting the standard criteria for network participation. For all other sites, or if you are looking for non-exclusive site representation and sponsorship, please see Network Sales or contact . You may also apply online.

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