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High Traffic Sites.
Have unused ad space inventory? A recent study indicated that 70-80% of available ad inventory on the Internet is unsold.

BannerSpace provides a solution for high traffic publishers that fills this otherwise wasted space with revenue generating banner ads pulled from our server. We do all the prospecting, selling, placement, tracking, management, and invoicing. Now you can focus on what you want to do, publish a great web site, and not selling ads.


Smaller and Mid-Sized Sites
(fewer than 20,000 page impressions daily)

You've worked hard developing an attractive, professional web site. Isn't it time that the web site started paying you back?

Paid advertising on your pages is a great way to generate extra revenue from your web site and offset other costs associated with developing and maintaining the site.

However, if you've attempted to get your own sponsors you have found that it is not easy. Ad campaigns are often temporary in nature, and large advertisers are only interested in huge volume deals.

BannerSpace provides a service that does all the work for you. From contracting with the sponsors, to keeping track of statistics, to billing and invoicing, and most importantly we are continually active in seeking new sponsors.


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