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Why use an ad network?
More and more publishers are turning to outside firms to handle their site's advertising. Instead of spending great deals of time and expense, entire web sites are sponsored with one transaction, and the publisher is then free to develop and maintain content.

Imagine not having to pay for, or devote time toward the:

  • selling of ad space
  • targeting, insertion and rotation of ads on numerous pages
  • tracking and maintaining ads
  • invoicing and collecting multiple accounts
  • continually prospecting for new advertisers

In addition to these benefits, sites that do not have enormous volumes of inventory may have difficulty attracting advertisers as a stand-alone property. By aligning themselves with a network and channel of other similar sites, they leverage the ad inventory of those sites and can participate in larger scale media purchases.

Why BannerSpace?
The BannerSpace publisher/agent relationship offers several key advantages to web site operators. We specialize in developing highly targeted, value-added solutions that both maximize return for the web publisher, and generate superior results for the online advertiser.

  • Highest CPM/CPC ratio (varies by site based on performance).
  • Professional quality ads.
  • On time payments.
  • Wide selection of campaigns and tag options.
  • Free, unlimited use of AdManage advanced ad serving software.
  • Accurate reporting.
  • Prompt, friendly response to inquires and concerns.
  • First preference for targeted, high return, campaigns when available.

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