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Benefits of Network Advertising

Single Transaction Convenience
You have better things to do with your time than locating, contracting, and trafficking creative to hundreds of separate publishers, but you want the extended reach of exposure on many sites as opposed to one or two large sites.

Better Reach
Why confine your campaign to the repeat users of a single web site when to can reach across a dynamically changing array of sites with one transaction? Prior to launch, and throughout your campaign, our staff works hard to locate new, well targeted ad inventory. This ensures that your message is continually reaching new eyeballs every day.

Reduce Costs
In addition to the expected costs savings associated with reducing your workload and that of your staff, BannerSpace also saves advertisers large amounts of money on ad inventory purchased a significant discounts of rate card rates.

Consolidated Reporting
Review your statistics for your entire campaign with a wide variety of reports including real-time traffic summaries, creative performance, breakdown by content channel or site, hourly traffic, geo-graphic origin, browser/OS/domain, and more*.

If you have existing campaigns already running on other sites, consider outsourcing the serving of these to BannerSpace. In addition to single-gateway access to all reporting, by serving through AdManage, advertisers often save many times more than the serving cost by paying for a lower number of impressions as a result of BannerSpace filtering technology.

* Reports available may vary depending on campaign type.

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