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Advertiser Reports
Data is critical to your campaign's continued success, and BannerSpace puts everything your need for evaluation and decision making right at your fingertips. Traffic summary and creative distribution reports are available in real time, and detail reports are available the following day.

Client Main Page
Manage multiple campaigns from one global account to consolidate reporting and account information

Consolidated Account View
Access financial information, including specific invoices for your individual campaigns

Traffic Summary by Date and Creative
Available in real-time, this report gives advertisers and agencies immediate traffic information on their campaign. Campaign and creative trafficking issues, as well as creative performance optimizations can be detected and corrected in the early stages of a flight.

Channel Performance Report
The Channel Performance report provides traffic distribution by content channel over a specified date range. For direct marketing campaigns, this report can also be used to track post-click user actions, such as sales and registrations.

Manage Creatives
View and manage your creatives.

Site Performance Report
For sponsorships, targeted packages, and select-site buys, the Site Performance report breaks down campaign performance by individual media placement.

Hourly Traffic Report
Breakdown of traffic by hour of the day. Available in real time, and over a given date range.

Geographic Origin Report
View your campaign traffic broken down by country.

Browser/OS report
This report indicates what browsers and operating systems are being used by viewers of your campaign.

* Report availability varies by campaign type. All reports are not available for all campaigns.

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