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Media Buying

If you are currently buying your media in-house, you are aware of the frustrations hassles and expenses associated locating, contracting with, and communicating with large numbers of publishers. Not to mention campaign optimization, erroneous reporting, incorrect placement, and publisher non-performance. Consider outsourcing your media buying to the professionals at, and re-focus in-house staff on your core business objectives.

The BannerSpace media buyers know the market and have access to our proprietary media database of thousands of online publishers. Imagine having one point of contact for all communication regarding your campaign insertions, trafficking, analysis, and optimization.

The best part of all is that BannerSpace expert media buying services can be obtained free of charge when we handle your campaign ad serving. Further, by using the combination of BannerSpace media buying and ad serving, total campaign costs may be dramatically reduced. For example, you have a campaign you bought directly from a publisher, after many hours of contract negotiation, at $2 CPM. Publisher reports 10 million impressions. You pay publisher $20,000. Alternatively, BannerSpace negotiates $1.50 for the same campaign, based in part on combined purchasing power, and charges a full-service commission of $0.25 CPM. Your net CPM is $1.75, however, you also benefit from BannerSpace third-party counting and impression filtering, which is part of all publisher contracts, and the impression count is reduced to a more accurate 8.5 million, after filtering out spider/robot traffic, multiple short-term non-uniques, and other undesired traffic. Your net cost, including full-service commission is reduced to $14,875.

BannerSpace full service media buying includes:

  • Locating desired media placements through our extensive database of
    thousands of online opportunities.
  • Negotiating favorable terms and rate.
  • All contracting and other paperwork with publishers.
  • Trafficking creative to publishers.
  • Monitoring campaign progress and publisher performance.
  • Communication with all publishers throughout flight regarding trafficking,
    placement, creative issues.
  • Campaign optimization, including canceling non-performers and reallocating
    budget to best performers and new opportunities.
  • Payment disbursement and payables contact services for all particpating
Please contact sales for more information.

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