Internet advertising solutions.

Geo-targeted Advertising.

GeoTarget by Country
As an option on any campaign, BannerSpace can limit your ad impressions to any country or combination of countries you choose. If you are not marketing to international audience, why pay for your campaign to be served to countries other than those you want?

GeoTarget by Zip Code, State, or DMA
Traditionally, geo-targeting across a network of sites has been subject to the limitations of IP address mapping. Although very useful for targeting by country, this method becomes less accurate when attempting to reach a target audience by zip code, state, county, or telephone area code.

BannerSpace has developed proprietary, patent-pending technologies that extend far beyond IP based geotargeting, to  make use of specific, accurate end user location and local area content to restrict the serving of ads to virtually any geographic locality.

AreaPoint by BannerSpace combines sophisticated, accurate geographic targeting with all of the other benefits of a fully managed campaign. More info...

AreaDirect by BannerSpace incorporates the same geographic targeting technologies as AreaPoint with campaign self-management tools to empower small businesses with smaller advertising budgets to restrict their online campaign to their local market, much as they would with traditional offline advertising. More info...

Please contact for more information on BannerSpace geo-targeted advertising.

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