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Advertising Network

BannerSpace Premium (branded) media partners are high traffic destinations, portals, and directories with well known brands. Many Media Metrix top ten and top fifty online properties use BannerSpace to fill ad space in varying capacities. Brand marketers know the value of associating their brand with those that have an established, loyal user base.

Premium Targeted Packages
Our experienced media buyers will create a "package", consisting of prime, precisely targeted placements on several of our premium partner sites. These sponsorships may include varying size creative, rich media, integrated content, and other customize marketing opportunities designed specifically to meet the Advertiser's objectives.

Although CPM rates vary widely for premium packages, depending on many factors, rates are significantly discounted as a result of special purchase arrangements in place with the publishers. Clients are able to leverage the combined purchasing power of other advertisers buying inventory from the same sites.

Lead time to flight launch is generally longer than with network campaigns, and is affected by availability and the type of relationship BannerSpace maintains with the publishers. Turn around time is reduced for sites on which BannerSpace has exclusive rights to all or part of the site's inventory.

Premium Remnant Inventory
Premium Remnant Inventory is often sold out well in advance, due to the dramatic savings over the identical positions at rate card. Many top tier, branded sites use BannerSpace to fill a small percentage of their monthly unsold inventory. Advertisers are quick to snap this up at 80-90% less than the same spot at regular rates. Remnant sales are always first-come-first-served, and are pre-emptable based on bid CPM.

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