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Keyword Advertising

Keyword advertising
Many online advertisers, especially those offering highly specialized products or services, have found that serving their ads only to individuals entering selected keywords into searches can be the most effective method of reaching their exact target audience. Although CPMs paid for keyword targeting are typically much higher than those for content targeting or ROS placements, the extra cost is often more than offset by exponentially higher CTR, conversion, and the resulting ROI.

BannerSpace keyword aggregation
BannerSpace and AdManage will be offering a new way for advertisers to purchase keywords across multiple sites with a single transaction. Publishers using AdManage can now dynamically integrate all search phrases into the ad requests. By purchasing unsold keywords and key-phrases in bulk, along with other words and phrases sought by other advertiser clients, BannerSpace is often able to obtain this invaluable advertising space for far less the published rate card of the individual sites.

Ordering keyword campaigns
Due to the widely varying availability of keywords and phrases, additional lead time may be required prior to campaign launch. Please contact well in advance of your planned flight dates to inquire on pricing and availability. In most cases, price breaks are available for volume, lead-time, number of keywords, and flexible-traffic contracts.

Keyword Optimization
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