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Pop-Under Creative

The popunder creative format has become very popular with online advertisers as a result of higher response rates and virtually unlimited creative sizes. Unlike "pop-up" ads, pop-unders are much less intrusive and often reach the consumer at a later time, when they are more relaxed and not intensely involved with the content of any web site.

Unfortunately, many advertisers are paying for thousands of pop-under impressions that are never seen by anyone because they are relying on publisher, or ad server counting that records an impression every time the server "thinks" an impression has been served. In the past, this difference between impressions counted and actual viewed impressions was not significant, but as pop-under advertising becomes more abundant, and even abused by some publishers, more and more consumers are closing ad windows before the content loads, or using software to block the ad window from launching.

BannerSpace, through it's proprietary AdManage serving technology, has solved this increasing dilemma for online marketers by simply not counting the ad impression unless the ad page fully loads. In cases where ad blocking software is used, or the user quickly closes the ad window, no impression is counted, thus eliminating the growing discrepancy between reported impressions and actual ads viewed.

for more information on both pop-under creative development and serving your pop-under creative through the AdManage system.

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