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Rich Media Creative Development

Rich Media - Example 3

For this holiday shopping campaign, BannerSpace proprietary SpaceSaver technology was use to create entire shopping experience for the user, right from the ad creative. When a user moves their mouse over the ad, it expands to a much larger area, and allows the user to browse through the advertisers products.

The SpaceSaver creative option solves a common delima for online marketers. Marketers want a larger creative size, such as with pop-unders and large integrated ad spots, because larger ads perform better. The problem is that publishers are often sold out, or do not offer pop-ups and larger sizes, but at the same time, there are an abundance of 468x60 opportunities avaialble, thus driving down the cost for these palcements. Now, at CPM rates slightly higher than regular 468x60, and much lower than larger sizes, advertisers can get the larger ad size while greatly increase volume at the same time. Publishers love the format because they can place them anywhere they have a 468x60 slot.

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