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AreaDirect empowers local merchants and smaller budget advertisers, with the same patent-pending geo-targeting technology as AreaPoint combined with tools to self-manage their campaign online.

Imagine being able to run your campaign in exactly the states, cities, or towns of your choice. Using online wizards, you can drill all the way down to select area codes and zip codes. In the past, an online campaign may would not have been effective for local merchants, as the majority of ad impressions would be wasted on consumers outside of the business's market area. With AreaDirect, by, it is now possible to focus your valuable ad dollars on the regional market that you serve.

AreaDirect is designed specifically for advertisers with annual budgets of less than $3,000, or those who prefer to manage their campaign themselves. If neither of these apply, please see the AreaPoint page for more information on our full-service option and high volume pricing.

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