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Banner Ad Development

Although most of our recent creative work has been focused on rich media, animated GIF images are still a popular choice for reasons including lower time and cost to develop and their widely accepted format that is compatible with all ad serving platforms.

Client -

The client needed a way to get the attention of users of a large, higher priced competitor. The solution included both complex Flash creative (can be seen in rich media section), as well as simple, yet well thought out animated GIF. This version was designed with small file size, an eye catching animating, and constant branding message in mind.

By combining this creative approach with special targeting technology that restricts the ad serving to only those customers of the competing service, BannerSpace created a very successful campaign and long-term, ongoing relationship with the client.

Client - Chubbs Institute

Client wanted to compliment a campaign developed by another agency with exclusively 468x60 creative, and take advantage of additional creative opportunities. The new, larger size creative broadened exposure for the client, improved direct response by 400%, and significantly increased the memorability of the campaign and brand.

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