Internet advertising solutions.

Interactive Creative Development

Rich Media
Rich media creative enables advertisers to:

  • Break out of the bounds and restrictions of standard size banners.
  • Add user interactivity with the ad.
  • Include streaming video and audio in presentation.
  • Better integrate ad with page content.
  • Greatly increase the amount, size, and quality of animation while
    maintaining very small file size.
As demonstrated in the examples below, may be used to achieve a number of different objectives.

Example 1
Enhance a standard 468x60 ad.

Example 2 (non-branded)
Add an interactive game to produce extremely high click-through rates to advertiser's landing page.

Example 3
Using BannerSpace proprietary SpaceSaver technology, DHTML, javascript, and Flash transform a normal banner spot into a rich, interactive shopping experience.

Example 4
"Floating Ad" technology is demonstrated in this concept ad for McDonalds.

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