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Direct Marketing - Example 1

Often, direct marketers are surprised to learn that the most simple creative designs outperform those that take much more time to develop. We ourselves have been amazed, on many occasions, that what the general population will respnd to, is not always what you would expect and does not always make sense.

One general rule of thumb is that, when branding is not a concern, the less information offered in the intial impression, the better the initial response. After all, the first goal of any direct marketer is to get them to "open the envelope", so to speak.

As simple as it gets... yet these ads pulled 5 times the response of other, more complex ads for the same campaign, that took the client significantly longer to develop. Both examples use a combination bright, eye-catching colors, animation, and a clear call-to-action to induce reader reponse, while not devulging too many of the details of the offer. That can be accomplished much more effectively on the full sized landing page. Often, attempting to cram too much information into a small space results in an ad that gets lost in the content of the page.

More simple GIF animation examples...

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