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AreaPoint is a patent-pending innovation being developed by, Inc.  that enables advertisers and agencies to reach an audience in a specific geographic region, much as they would with certain offline media, such as radio or cable television. Never before has it been possible to target such a narrow geographic area across multiple sites and ad placements.

The Problem
Until now, reaching the online population within a defined geographic (beyond the country level) has been an inaccurate, inefficient process, involving contracting with numerous publishers, each with their own limitations. Most advertisers are finding that they can only obtain a small fraction of their desired campaign traffic through any single web site, once the geographic restrictions are applied. Unlike a print telephone directory, of which there may only be one or two choices in a given area, there are a wide variety of choices for consumers when using online directories. It is too time consuming and inefficient for advertisers to locate and purchase large numbers of very small advertising contracts in order to achieve the coverage they desire.

The Solution
AreaPoint solves this problem by consolidating this highly segmented inventory into a single transaction. The advertiser, in this case, can make one purchase of online directory advertising space, thereby automatically placing the advertising on multiple online directories, and achieving the desired reach, while keeping in tact the geographic restrictions of the campaign. To further increase saturation in the desired area, the advertiser may select other media channels, in addition to the directory sites.

AreaPoint removes the boundaries between separate online properties and re-segments the aggregated ad inventory by geographic region. Advertisers can now target online campaigns to select states, telephone area codes, city, and zip code, even on sites that do not already have this ability.

Please contact for more information on BannerSpace geo-targeted advertising. For advertisers with smaller budgets, or those who prefer a self-managed campaign, please see our related product, AreaDirect™.

If you are a Publisher interested in becoming an AreaPoint media partner, click here.

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