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Geo-targeted Advertising. to launch AreaPoint™ Geographic Targeting for Online Advertisers.
Press Release, Inc., an Internet advertising solutions provider and interactive media representation firm, will launch two new geo-targeting products on April 5th, 2004. AreaPoint™ and AreaDirect™ will make highly precise geographic targeting of Internet advertising, long an elusive goal of online advertisers, a reality.

Employing new, patent-pending methods, the AreaPoint™ system will be much more accurate than any other form of online geo-targeting and will enable marketers to reach specific geographic areas online just as they do via offline media such as radio, cable television, and yellow page listings. With a single media buy, AreaPoint™ will enable advertisers to target online ad campaigns to any local region seamlessly across multiple web sites.

An advertiser using AreaPoint™ will be able to select exactly which states, counties, cities, zip codes, or telephone area codes in which to run an online campaign. A local business may also define a central zip code, and radius in miles around that zip code, to target.

“A much larger percentage of offline ad spending is locally targeted, as compared to online advertising.”, said chief executive, Jeff Howes, “By aggregating and then re-segmenting ad inventory by geographic location, AreaPoint makes it possible for advertisers to restrict campaigns to specific regions, with accuracy and flexibility not previously possible.”

AreaPoint™ has the potential to revolutionize the way certain advertisers reach their local target market. For example, the technology may encourage the spending of more political advertising dollars on interactive media, as geographic targeting has, until now, been the most difficult obstacle to overcome.

AreaPoint™ will also benefit participating web publishers by instantly increasing the value of what would otherwise be considered “non-targeted” ad inventory.

The second product, AreaDirect™, will enable smaller businesses and merchants that serve a limited geographic area to take advantage of Internet advertising. By combining the geo-targeting capabilities of AreaPoint™ with an easy to use online interface, AreaDirect™ will enable small businesses to establish and manage their own Internet campaigns.

For more information please contact Peter Clough, AreaPoint™ Business Development Manager, 301.317.4545 ext. 102,, or visit

About is a division of Internet Advertising Technology, Inc., a privately held corporation with business offices in Laurel Maryland. BannerSpace provides Internet advertising solutions and technologies for online marketers and web publishers. Since inception in 1998, has built it’s ad network business by aggregating the unsold ad inventory of it’s premium and mid-tier media partners and offering cost-effective, large volume multiple site campaigns to it’s advertising clients.

In addition to network sales, offers online marketers and publishers several other products including geo-targeting, aggregated keyword buys, sponsorship packages, targeted email, media buying, ad serving, rich media creative development, and advertising sales representation services. Through it’s proprietary ad serving and campaign optimization system, AdManage™, it’s innovative creative ideas, and it’s two patent-pending geotargeting technologies, AreaPoint™ and AreaDirect™, offers it’s clients a unique array of online advertising solutions.

AreaPoint by BannerSpace combines sophisticated, accurate geographic targeting with all of the other benefits of a fully managed campaign. More info...

AreaDirect by BannerSpace incorporates the same geographic targeting technologies as AreaPoint with camapign self-management tools to empower small businesses with smaller advertising budgets to restrict their online campaign to their local market, much as they would with traditional offline advertising. More info...

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